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Market Yourself with eBooks (Free eBook)

Market Yourself with eBooks

Take a look at our new free ebook series Market Yourself with eBooks. Get it for free—you don’t have to give your email address or fill in an opt-in form. Just click and download. Share the link with whoever you think will be interested.

Volume 1 explains the concept of publishing as a form of content marketing. This is useful especially for business professionals who want increased credibility and speaking engagements. It includes ten ideas for how to market yourself or your business with ebooks.

CLICK HERE TO GET IT: Volume 1, Market Yourself with Ebooks: An Introduction for Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Authors

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If you like it, let us know. If you would like an ebook for your business, give me (Michael) a call at 425-771-2905.

Want more? Check out Volume 2, Market Yourself with eBooks: Five Features of Great eBooks for Marketing Purposes.

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PDF eBooks and How to Use Them

Enhanced PDF eBooks and How to Use Them

Enhanced PDF design for marketing brochure
The PDF easily captures and preserves the greatest range of design and layout capabilities.

The term PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a file format that captures all the elements of a digital document so that you can view it, navigate it, print it, and easily share it online. Many software programs allow you to convert files into PDFs, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Apple Text Edit, and many others.

A book that has been beautifully designed for print can be saved as a PDF, and the PDF will—if created correctly—preserve all the book’s features exactly as they are. In many ways, such PDFs are a type of eBook, and the most economical type to create, provided the print book already exists.