Print Management

Take the stress out of the print management process.

We can help you communicate with the printer, navigate any issues that arise, and make any last-minute file adjustments.

The print decisions you make determine the quality of your final book projects—how well it looks, how much it cost to produce, how competitively it can be priced, how well buyers will respond to it, who will do order fulfillment, and more. We can help you understand your options.

“Thank you for the really quick turnaround … It looks great.”
—Betsy Peters, Concordia Partners

Print Management for Color Books

For color books and more complex projects, we offer an optional low-cost print management service.

Get results that make your book stand out. If you are looking for product differentiation, we can help you with special print processes and custom features, such as French flaps, embossing, spot varnishes, foils, foldouts, inserts, custom endpapers, tabs, boxed sets, and more.

children's book foldout page
Color foldout for the Children’s book, My Yellow Balloon
custom map endpaper design
Custom map 1-color endpapers for the hardback book, Cross Winds
Spot varnish special effect for the cookbook Live Simply Plant Based
picture book design and page layout example

“He also guided us through the production of the book as our print manager… His sage advice saved us money and helped us make good decisions to ensure that we produced the most beautiful coffee table book our region has ever seen. In four months, we have sold 80% of our print run.”
—Taylor Jones, The Cottages of Lake Worth

Page design for Pacific Northwest Wildlife book
Table of contents design showing custom map design for Pacific Northwest Wildlife
custom endpaper design
Custom endpapers and spot varnish special effect on jacket cover.
Page design for 2-color paperback book
Two-color chapter opener design for 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You.
Children’s board book with die-cut windows
Young -reader Children’s board book with die-cut pop-open windows on the pages. The book shows different activities at the Connecticut Children’s Museum.

What You Get

  • Estimates from trusted offshore and/or stateside printers.
  • Project management of the print process.
  • Consultation for special options and enhanced print methods. You’ll also receive explanations of the process and terminology.
  • Color proof review of digital and/or wet proofs.
  • Personal attention with you and the printer to help ensure the printer understands your expectations and to help prevent any misunderstandings arising from industry terminology.

Print Management for Black and White Books

Print advice is included with all black and white book projects. We’ll give you tips for common and costly mistakes to avoid and how to plan for POD and offset.