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If you’re looking for a book designer, Michael Rohani is excellent… he never disappoints.

—Tracy Hicks, Urban Coyote Books

book design examples

book design examples

book design examples

Get the quality expected by book buyers, reviewers, and distributors. I specialized in stylish book cover design and beautifully typeset page layout design, and everything you require related to book production, printing, and marketing. I also design and create publisher and author websites.

Book Cover Designs

press-ready page examples

press-ready page examples

press-ready page examples

Complete Book Cover Design

I provide complete book cover design and layout services.

  • Hardbacks with jackets
  • Adhesive case covers
  • Paperbacks with gatefolds (French flaps)
  • Custom endpapers
  • Foil embossed covers
  • Reliable press-ready files
  • Start-to-finish project management

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Get your book designed and produced beautifully. Whether you require a hardcover with a jacket over cloth or over an adhesive case with custom end-papers, or a paperback cover with gate-folds, I can provide you with the complete design and file preparation you need.

Be sure your book interior is as beautifully designed and produced as your book cover.

Book Formatting
and Page Layout Design

press-ready page examples

press-ready page examples

press-ready page examples

Coordinated Design and Consistent Quality

Page design matters! I can make sure your book cover and interior pages are design coordinated and consistent. This includes styling and tablets, diagrams, and graphics that you require. I can also help you re-purpose those tables and graphics for other uses, such as PowerPoint presentations. I have created designs for all types of books. Most importantly, I provide typography and layout that meets and often exceeds the standards upheld by the best publishers and university presses. This means you are not getting “self-published” standards that are so recognizable and rejected by book industry professionals.

Everyone who has seen it is blown away by how professional it looks. They rave over the outside and when they open it, they can’t believe how pretty and engaging it looks.… Thank you for doing such a GREAT job!

—Jackie Brewton, HLB Press

press-ready page examples

press-ready page examples

press-ready page examples

The books arrived in our office, and they look great, both text and the cover. You did a great job.

—Yara Abuata, Production Manager, BenBella Books, Inc.

press-ready page examples

press-ready page examples

press-ready page examples

Press-Ready Files

Get reliable press-ready files for your project. Never worry about files going wrong at the printer. I understand how books are put together, including large and very complicated books. I can do file set up for fold-out pages, pockets, die-cut tabs, embossing, concealed wire-o binding, or any other special feature you require to make your book standout and get noticed.

Thank you for the really quick turnaround … It looks great. My thanks again for helping us out at the last minute.

—Betsy Peters, Concordia Partners

Stress-Free Book Project Management

textbook design example

textbook design example

textbook design example

One-Stop Services

Benefit from experience. I can guide you through all the stages of the process and prepare trouble-free press-ready files that you can keep and use with any printer you choose. I'll give you tips on independent publishing and printing options. I understand how books are put together, including complicated books. I can help you from the early planning stage, through editing, design, printing, and the marketing of your book.

His sage advice saved us money and helped us make good decisions to ensure that we produced the most beautiful coffee table book our region has ever seen. In four months, we have sold 80% of our print run.

—Taylor Jones, The Cottages of Lake Worth

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What You Get

check mark Free Estimate: We’ll give you a written estimate showing the costs involved in the design and file creation process.

check mark Free Design Consultation: Get the benefit of our industry knowledge. You can talk with us any time during the project. We can also help you with money-saving tips.

check mark Free Project Management: Save time, save money!—We can take care of all your project requirements, so you don't have to coordinate multiple suppliers or master book industry skills. We do proofreading, editing, table and figure styling, graphics creation, image color-correcting, cover and page design coordination, photo searches, barcode generation, book spine adjustment, file preparation, printer instruction preparation, and more.

check mark Competitive Design: Our design aim is to create a design that fits the character and unique selling point of your book. We aim to give you a competitive advantage in your book category.

check mark Design Adaptability: Our book cover designs are produced with sufficient resolution and margin for paperback, jacket, and case editions. We also create ebook covers with sufficient resolution for print editions. We anticipate requirements for multiple editions and related marketing resources when possible.

check mark Design Consistency: We look for ways to coordinate the cover with the page designs. Whether you have a simple paperback or a complex how-to book, we can develop a design strategy to match your cover with the pages and elements throughout the book.

check mark Multiple Design Options and Revisions: You can request design options based on any concept you have, or you can allow us as much creative freedom as you would like. You can also request revisions to refine the design so that it best reflects your vision for the book.

check mark Technical Expertise: No project is too complex. If your book requires fold-out pages, special tabs, pockets, inserts, or any other feature, we can set up the files and provide instructions to the printer for you. We understand books and know how to create press-ready files whether your book is B&W or process color, or requires spot colors. All book cover layouts are adjusted for the specific number of pages and paper bulk.

check mark Reliable Press-Ready Files: When completed you get a copy of the press-ready files that you can archive and send to any printer of your choice.

check mark Print Management: We offer an optional low-cost print management that includes consultation, estimates from reliable printers, review of color-proofs and other print specifications, and direct dialogue with the printer. If you don't have a trusted printer or if you have a project that requires special print expertise, we can help you.

What Our Clients are Saying

Very pleased! You’ve really put this together beautifully.

—David Gray, FinArts

I'm speechless. Great design—we love it, very clean, simple, elegant, professional… you did a GREAT job!!

—Randy Morkved, Balcony 7

I am so grateful for your patience and your help.The book is beautiful!

—Isolina Ricci, Ph.D.,
Custody & CoParenting Solutions

It looks GREAT! Thank you so much for being so quick…

—Mary Jo Irmen, FiscalBridge, LLC

I want you to know the very enthusiastic response I am receiving….I am tremendously proud of how it looks, front and back. My books are beautiful because of you. Thank you for your part in my success.

—Octavia Randolph, Pyewacket Press

The book is doing well… This is, in large part, helped by your lovely design work.

—Bob Heilman, Sylph Maid Books

I hope this book brings you new business, because you did a fantastic job on it! …[it] won Gold in the Benjamin Franklin Awards in Austin, Friday. There were kudos on the cover from people I met there.

—Lowell Press, Parkers Mill Publishing

If you’re looking for a book designer, Michael Rohani is excellent. He does what he says he is going to do when he says he’ll do it. He took my complicated stack of word docs and came up with a great design. …he never disappoints. He is also just a really friendly good individual. Michael really stands out above others.

—Tracy Hicks, Urban Workout Girl™

You are the best… You did an AMAZING job on the design!!

—Clark Bartram, CNTM Publishing

Publishing is a great way to make money and reach people with your message. Having a well-planned and well-designed book can increase your chances of success.

If you’re new to publishing, I can help you create a book that meets and exceeds industry expectations. Most self-published books fail for reasons that are not obvious to people outside the book industry. I can help you avoid common mistakes while creating a competitive product. I can also give you useful marketing tips along the way.

I do complete book design, formatting, ebook conversion, and all manner of book production, from start to finish. If you need help with printing I provide print management services.

If you want personal services and need to create a successful book product, I can help you achieve your goals. I have worked with authors, business owners, publishers, as well as distributors, printers, editors, and all types of book professionals. I can guide you every step of the way.

photo of book designer michael rohani

Michael Rohani

About Book Designer
Michael Rohani

Michael got started in advertising design and commercial illustration in Dallas and later began working for a publisher in Oxford, England. He then co-founded He is author of two books about book design and independent publishing: Advanced Book Design (Nextfolio 2009) and Self-Publish the Easy Way (Nextfolio 2009).

Let’s do something amazing. Call me directly so we can discuss your book design and project needs. I will provide you with a free estimate and answer your questions.

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