Marketing for Books

Marketing Begins with a Great Book Cover

Make Powerful Sales Copy a Priority

Your book cover is a marketing tool capable of influencing the purchase decision. This applies not just to the front cover, but to the back cover as well.

There’s a reason publishers write the sales copy for their authors’ books. Being able to write a great novel or textbook is not the same as being able to write persuasive sales copy.

We can write it for it, or help you write it yourself. We can help you with the endorsement process, writing book descriptions that communicate your book’s value, and sales bios that establish your authority as an author. We write back cover sales text that is focused, concise, and persuasive!

back cover sales text examples

We can also help you with book proposals, press releases, cover letters for distributors, and more.

Thanks, Michael!  You were a great help in getting the book to market. It is getting in the right hands and starting conversations for me all over the world…
—Brian Beck, author of Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce

“I love the back cover design you created and all of your points to consider…”
—Brian Cunningham, Curious Human Publication

Bukky Agboola in Times Square

“I am so excited to share the great news with you that my book: Giving God Ultimate Love is a 2020 New York City Big Book Award Winner! Thank you again for the beautiful cover design! I just got word and the picture memorializing it that the beautiful book cover just got featured in Times Square! Thank you once again for the work you did on my book. I have received many positive remarks about the design.”
—Bukky Agboola

Branding and Social Media

We create book marketing resources for authors, independent publishers, and business professionals, including author and publisher websites, blogs, social-media graphics, mailers, brochures, book convention displays, and more.

Get a publisher logo!

If you’re starting a publishing company or rebranding an existing one, we can help you develop a logo that visually expresses your company’s identity. We specialize in logos for publishers, making the logos we create reliably function for the requirements of print and ebook publications. Our services include:

  • Brand naming and development
  • Logo design and file creation for web and print
  • Social-media profile images and graphics for Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Tagline creation and development
  • Book title development
  • Purchase options
  • Identity and stationary systems

“Thanks so much… I love the first one… It’s perfect!”

—Kevin S Montgomery,
Devin Press

Social Media Graphics

Take your social media pages to the next level with graphics that communicate your publisher branding and book products. We can create profile and banner images for your social media as well as images for special promotions and occasions.

Collateral & Media Kits

Get noticed!

Assist the sale of your books and services with marketing collateral. We create any type of sales support tools you require—from brochures to large booth banners.

I feel so blessed to have you on my team… you make me look so good!

—Paula Thomas

Media Kits

Shape the message with a media kit for bloggers, reporters, and event organizers. Make it easy for others to write accurately about your book product and speaker engagements by giving them the texts and images they need for print and web publications. Here are some recommended media kit tools (all branded):

  • Book cover images (print- & web-ready)
  • Endorsements/reviews doc
  • Book description doc
  • Marketing campaign doc (if any)
  • Author image (optional)
  • Book order form (for direct sales)
Media Kit example

Event Displays

Get out and meet book buyers and your audience. We provide graphics for special events, conventions, and point-of-purchase displays. Build credibility and your brand with professional displays.

“We are in Dallas now and just set up our booth. Looks great!”
—Shiloah Ohrvall, Ohrvall Media

Let’s work together to create marketing resources that will impress readers and book professionals. Call us so we can discuss your project needs. We’ll give you a free estimate and answer your questions.

Or email us at
[email protected]

Campaigns & Promotions

Create an effective marketing strategy. We can help you with online and print campaigns.

Whether you are considering search-engine campaigns, social media campaigns, viral marketing, eGuide promotions, or direct mail, we can help you formulate and implement a strategy for expanding your audience and increasing sales.

Promote your book or use your book to promote your business and services.

Online Campaigns
  • Search engine campaigns
  • Social-media campaigns
  • Viral marketing
  • Analytics setup
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Keyword development
  • Negative keyword development
  • Search term management
  • Audiance targeting
Online Ads
  • Animated gifs
  • Image ad design and set up
  • Text ad creation and set up
eGuide promotions
  • With hyperlinks and clickable page navigation
  • Web optimized
  • With or without Adobe security
Print ad campaigns
  • Any custom size
  • Press-ready
Direct mail campaigns and more
  • Postcards
  • Mailers
  • Catalogs

Design for
Websites and Blogs

Expand your audience

Start blogging and sell directly through your own website. We can set up a WordPress site for you or design and build custom websites and blogs for authors, publishers, and business professionals.

“The website looks great!”

—Patricia A. Brill, Ph.D., Functional Fitness, LLC

Get your own custom website. We design and build custom websites and blogs using open-source WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. We can also design and build custom landing pages for special campaigns. Create a user-friendly landing page for your book product page by including these features:

Responsive Website Design

Provide an optimal user experience, with easy reading and navigation on any device. All our website designs are “responsive,” meaning they automatically resize to desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

  • Clickable book image with page previews
  • Quick-look page gallery
  • Product video
  • Social Media links
  • Purchase options

Online Purchase Options

Decide how you want to get paid. We can set up purchase options such as a button linked to an online payment system, such as PayPal, or links to online retailers, or an order form download, or any combination.

Product Display with Sample Page Preview Gallery

Let readers preview your product. We can create clickable book product display images and link them to responsive preview pages that open in a separate window. Responsive preview pages allow viewers to see your book pages as spreads when using large screens, such as desktop computers.

Media Kits

Make it easier for reviewers, bloggers, and columnists to accurately represent your books and company by providing them with an online media kit. Your media kit can include the downloadable cover and author images, lists of endorsements and/or reviews, product descriptions, book brochures, and more. Media kits help you shape the narrative and protect your brand.

Landing Pages

Your product can also have separate landing pages for more targeted marketing campaigns. Landing pages provide simple and direct interaction focused just on your product. These pages are only connected to places and marketing efforts which allows you to see how your marketing strategies are driving traffic.

What You Get

  • Free estimate
  • Free design consultation
  • Free project management is included in all our websites and blog projects.
  • Fully branded and custom website with a blog
  • No monthly website usage fees
  • Freedom to use any internet hosting provider and move files however you want
  • Full-width banner images
  • Responsive design for mobile devices, tablets, and desktops
  • Expandability: Our CSS coding allows you to create new pages automatically styled with the branded look of the website.
  • Purchasing options for your book product display
  • Ready to use blog: Fully functional blog capabilities are built-in and hidden until you’re ready to activate your blog.
  • Social Navigation Menu. In addition to the main header and footer navigation, the site includes both a social navigation menu and social media sharing.
  • “Mobile first” coding: This allows the site to load faster on mobile devices and increases your search-engine score.
  • Installation on server
  • Favicons