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Create an effective marketing strategy. We can help you with online and print campaigns.

campaigns example

campaigns example

campaigns example

Whether you are considering search-engine campaigns, social-media campaigns, viral marketing, eGuide promotions, or direct mail, we can help you formulate and implement a strategy for expanding your audiance and increasing sales.

Promote your book or use your book to promote your business and services.

Online Campaigns

  • Search engine campaigns
  • Social-media campaigns
  • Viral marketing
  • Analytics setup
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Keyword development
  • Negative keyword development
  • Search term management
  • Audiance targeting

Online Ads

  • Animated gifs
  • Image ad design and set up
  • Text ad creation and set up

eGuide promotions

  • With hyperlinks and clickable page navigation
  • Web optimized
  • With or without Adobe security

Print ad campaigns

  • Any custom size
  • Press-ready

Direct mail campaigns and more

  • Postcards
  • Mailers
  • Catalogs

Let’s work together to market your book. Call us so we can discuss your goals. We’ll answer your questions and give you a free estimate.

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