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Everything you need to
create a stylish book and promote it.

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With our complete line of bookcover design, page layout design, and other publishing services we can reduce your project management requirements and lower your costs. Give us a call to get started today.

Design For Books (also known as RD Studio) is a design studio based in the Seattle metro area and London specializing in book design services worldwide. We help authors, business professionals, and publishers monetize, brand, and package content as well as develop marketing strategies.

We offer complete one-stop book design and book layout services for both ebooks and print books. We also do print management, author websites, related marketing resources, and much more.

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Reasons People Choose
Design For Books

check mark You Get True Independence: We will prepare your files for any printer ot print method your require, whether print-on-demand (POD) or offset. Many online book design services require you to use their print services which can make the per-book costs non-competitive with trade publishers who sell through book stores. You will also have complete freedom to choose whichever retailers and distributors you want.

check mark You Get a Competitive Edge: With book design services, careful consideration goes into your book’s contents, your competition, and your brand mission, as well as how your book design can stand out in your main marketing channels.

check mark You Get File Ownership: Many online book design services will not give you the print-ready files. With us you will receive a copy of your print-ready print files for both pages and cover. You will also receive a media kit of print-ready and web-ready promotional images of your cover. And, if you use our ebook services, you’ll receive the actual pre-tested ebook files giving you full control of your distribution options.

check mark You Get a Better eBook Strategy: We build ebooks in the most popular formats set up to work on the widest number of tablets and mobile devices. The ePub files you will receive are publication-ready IDPF-validated ebook files. We provide ebook conversion for both ePub and Kindle/Mobi formats.

check mark You Get Free Consultation: All our clients receive free consultation during each stage of the process, that includes valuable marketing tips and insights into book industry expectations and methods. Publishing is complicated and it is possible to lose control of your life’s work or make costly mistakes if you are unaware of the common mistakes and risks. We help take the stress and worry out of the process and help clients find the options that work best for their needs.

check mark You Get Better Design: Many online book design companies use pre-designed templates or only do similar simple books. At Design For Books, we focus on the unique character of your book. We believe product differentiation is an important marketing tool. All books receive a unique design and your book cover and pages will be fully coordinated for the most professional look.

check mark You Get Better Quality: We provide trade-quality professional typesetting to makes sure that all the pages of your book are free from errors common in self-published books. Because we understand how books are put together and the industry terminology of printers, your files will be press-ready and we can help you through the print process no matter how complicated the book project.

check mark You Get More Capabilities: With us, no book is too simple or too complicated. If you need special printing effects or complex page layouts with features, such as sidebars, pull quotes, multiple columns, elaborate tables, page fold-outs, or more—we can provide everything you require. Unlike most online design services, we do not limit you to a narrow range of POD options. If quality and product differentiation are a priority for you, we can make it happen.

check mark You Get Marketing Expertise: We understand that having your book online doesn’t mean it will be found. We know what book distributors look for when evaluating books. We understand benefits-driven and image-driven cover designs, and have experience with social media graphics, QRs, ePDFs, and techniques that help your cover drive traffic to your own website. We know that book design and marketing require careful coordination and we can help you make it happen.

check mark You Get Strong Professional Alliances: In addition to our in-house design, illustration, developmental editing, content management, print management, and marketing services, we have formed strong alliances with reliable and professional copy editors, indexers, illustrators, map makers, and printers, to help ensure that every tasks involved in your project is completed correctly.

michael rohani

Michael Rohani

Designer &
Chief Project Manager

Michael started in advertising design and commercial illustration in Dallas. Later he worked in book design in Oxford, England, before going on to co-found RD Studio (DesignForBooks.com and DesignForBooks.co.uk). He is author of two books about publishing and publication design: Advanced Book Design (Nextfolio 2009) and Self-Publish the Easy Way (Nextfolio 2009).


mushka rohani

Mushka Rohani, MBA

Marketing & Accounts

Mushka met Michael in Oxford and upon graduation became co-founder of RD Studio. Mushka has an MBA from Seattle University. Her focus is marketing, economics, and international business. She is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma Honor society. Her passions include marketing and the arts. She is a member of PNB STARS, a fund raising organization for Seattle's Pacific Northwest Ballet.


Books by Designer Michael Rohani

Self-Publish the Easy Way  by Michael Rohani

Self-Publish the Easy Way is the concise guide to independent publishing for authors and business professionals who want to publish without doing all the work themselves. Learn More or Get the Book

Advanced Book Design by Michael Rohani

Advanced Book Design explains how book design can fulfill multiple roles to help authors and publishers succeed. Specifically, I explain how book design can be used to add value to publications, create and increase publisher’s brand equity, extend book product life cycle, and help repurpose book content. Learn More or Get the Book

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