How to Create a Competitive Cookbook

There are a lot of reasons I love cookbooks. Each one is its own special focus in the world of cuisine, a filter that allows me to discover something new and interesting. The good ones have carefully selected, edited, tested, and illustrated recipes.

Caroline Hale’s book, Live Simply Plant Based is such a book—hundreds of recipes, especially appealing to anyone looking for an all vegan, all gluten-free experience. Aside from being a book designer and publishing consultant, I’m an incurable foodie always on the lookout for new recipes and cuisine. For me, one of the points of traveling is to discover and enjoy new foods. Even in my own home city, I can’t resist searching the Mediterranean, Indian, Asian, and Mexican grocery stores for something new to try.  So I was very happy to be able to help Caroline Hale put together the Live Simply Plant Based book project. While this is a vegan recipe book, it is much more than recipes. Even if you’re not interested in a vegan diet it is easy to see that this book is beautiful.

cookbook front cover design

The recipe book market is super competitive. There’s always a lot of nice cookbooks coming out.

So I was pleased that Hale was receptive to my recommendations to make sure this turned out top quality. My recommendations included hiring a skilled food photographer that could capture her recipes beautifully. Food photography is in a special category of difficulty best left to someone with experience. Continue reading “How to Create a Competitive Cookbook”